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It is usually the most affordable option, and it is appropriate for simple websites and blogs with limited traffic. As the name dictates, you “share” one server with multiple other websites, where each one gets a certain amount of storage space and resources.

Cloud hosting uses multiple servers to pool resources. Even if one fails, the others will keep running your website without visible issues. This option is very scalable and reliable. It is perfect for websites and e-commerce stores with surges of traffic due to promotions, sales, etc.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a cross between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. A physical server runs several VPS instances, which are granted a strict portion of the server’s hardware resources. As a result, VPS performs better than shared hosting and offers faster loading time.

With dedicated hosting, you get one whole server for yourself with no need to share resources or a physical space with anyone else. It offers a very high level of performance and security. Such solutions are appropriate if you need hardware that can be fully customized to build new applications or support legacy software online with specific runtime requirements or run a complex website with lots of traffic.

In general, one of the previous options (dedicated, VPS, etc.) will be used to host your website or e-commerce store. However, it will be further optimized to run them, depending on their specific characteristics. Thus, help you get the most out of them and offer you a better performance.

Well, it really depends on what you need, what kind of website you have, and your budget. It often means to find the best balance between performance, control, and price. But in general, it is important to consider factors such as needed storage, expected monthly traffic, and data security when you are weighing your options.

Yes, you can. Regardless, if you are using a more common CMS platform like WordPress or another, there are many ways to move to another provider. If you need any support to do so, we will be more than happy to help you.

Yes, as you grow you needs change and your hosting must keep up with it. Thus, we have you covered and are ready to assist you in upgrading seamlessly.

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