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Top 4 Benefits of Moving to a Colocation

The decision may not always be clear when it comes to a build or move choice. Here are some reasons you might want to choose moving to a Colocation facility:

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Flexibility and scalability that allows to add quick and easy space, power and bandwidth.


Disaster Recovery

Resiliency and uptime providing a better road map for disaster recovery.



Data Centers are facilities with a high level of physicals security that ensure your data integrity.


Up-to-date Facility

Up-to-date facility infrastructure responds to cooling, power and environmental changes.


According to Gartner, “Colocation is the placement of enterprise-owned compute, storage and networking assets in a third-party leased facility”. Colocation offers scalability and security to your applications, servers and systems, without the need to build, staff and manage in-house server rooms or data centers, giving you the ability to focus on your business.

Choosing between colocation Vs. On-premise highly depends on factors such as your company’s networking and computing needs as well resources and budget constraints. With colocation you receive security and protection of power outage while the costs are usually lower as cooling and power are spread across multiple customers.

A data center is a facility that is purposely built to efficiently store, power, and cool your hardware like servers. Colocation, on the other hand, is a service. As mentioned above, it is “placing your enterprise-owned compute, storage, and networking assets in a third-party leased facility” which can be and often is a data center.

Cabinets are steel framed enclosures that can hold multiple modules for electronic equipment. A cabinet is a part of a Cage, divided into multiple cabinets, each of one separated on all sites. Each cabinet is locked so that only its owner or authorized personnel can access it.

Cages are bigger metal wire enclosures that can be either divided into multiple cabinets or not. They can be two types – Private and Shared. If they are private, they only hold servers and IT equipment of one organization. On the other hand, if the cage is shared multiple companies can use it.

A shared cabinet is a Cabinet that you share with one or more companies. However, unlike when you rent a whole cabinet with a shared cabinet, the equipment of the different businesses is not physically separated by a metal enclosure.

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